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    Hi Britnee, great trip, great family, we had a blast. A couple things you should know.


    1. Tip and Chris aren't speaking English, sounds like they are yodeling. JD speaks with a Southern draw and he's from Wyoming

    2. Robert owes me a hat as he sucked the one off of my head in the middle of the night.

    3. Naughety owes me back some private parts as the have not decended from our trip back.


    Seriously, real comments below

    1. Great guides. Bell, Blake, JD, Morgan Jerrod, Joe, etc. So personable and knowledgeable. Could not ask for better.

    2. All of the staff at the lodge, under appreciated and so friendly. Felt like home.

    3. Claude, felt like I was talking to my Dad. Heartfelt life discussions. What a guy, great cook.

    4. I wish there was a way to have some mules or horses prepositioned at tent city so guys like Chris and Tip didn't have to ride so far on horseback. They could be driven to tent city and then ride from there.


    Thanks again

    James Y





    Great to hear from you and I hope you are feeling better. I sure hope your shoulder heals. I have listed some (tongue-in-cheek) comments below:


    - locate the Guide tent a few hundred yards outside of camp because Eric snores loud enough to register on the Richter Scale.


    - Someone needs to tell JD that wine is for women and please take him shopping for a a new hat.


    - Claude needs to publish his “Claude Wood Elk Camp recipes” in a book. It would be a 1 page book, but that’s all he needs.


    - Blake needs to watch the YouTube video from Key and Peele titled “Substitute Teacher” so he knows how to pronounce his name properly.


    Truly though, I want Joe to know that I truly appreciated his pause each day to pray before starting out. It was a blessing to be able to give thanks to our Lord for the opportunity.



    John Y





    "We had a great time and great hunts. Thanks to you both, and to Jared, Eric, and Tiger for everything" - Robb (and Duncan, Mike, George, Devin, and Tom) Guided Rifle 2016